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Recycled Blackbutt Floorboards Sydney

Over the coming weeks The Builders Market will be adding a variety of Timber species information. This weeks Timber species is:

Blackbutt Timber

Botanical name – Eucalyptus pilularis
Origin – Blackbutt grows in the coastal forests of New South Wales from Bega on the south coast up to Maryborough in Queensland.
Trading names – Blackbutt

Sometimes referred to as Coastal Blackbutt to distinguish it from the tableland species group of New England Blackbutt.

Common uses – Poles, sleepers, flooring, building framework, cladding, lining boards, joinery, furniture, decking.
Appearance -Heartwood pale brown, sometimes with a slight pinkish tinge.
Sapwood distinctively paler.
Texture medium and even.
Grain usually straight.
General comment Blackbutt is one of the most common species of hardwood commercially available from the coastal forests of New South Wales.

Care is needed in drying to inhibit its tendency to surface check on the tangential surface. Reconditioning is seldom advisable because of its effect in widening any surface checks.

It is only fair for steam bending.

It is a poor base for paint because of its tendency to surface check but stain finishes can be used satisfactorily.

The high extractives content of mature wood can cause some gluing problems, especially with phenolic adhesives, but young regrowth wood appears to be much less affected.


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