Spotted Gum – Technical Information

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Spotted Gum Technical Information

Botanical name:
Corymbia maculata
Corymbia citriodora
Corymbia henryi
Spotted Gum grows in the coastal districts from the New South Wales/Victorian border region to Maryborough in Queensland.
Trading names:
Spotted Gum
Lemon-scented Gum
Heartwood pale to dark brown or chocolate.
Sapwood distinctively paler.
Texture moderately coarse.
Grain variable; the frequent presence of wavy grain produces an attractive fiddleback figure.
Slightly greasy nature.
General comments:
Needs care in drying to reduce the risk of checking on tangential surface.

Collapse is slight.

Not hard to work.

Satisfactory for steam bending if straight-grained material is selected. The unseasoned wood is somewhat corrosive to aluminium nails and screws.

The high extractives content can be a problem with phenolic-type adhesives and spotted gum seems to be a little different from most other eucalypts in that the sapwood as well as the heartwood is affected.
Common uses
Heavy engineering construction, piles, poles, shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, flooring decking, plywood.

It is the main Australian species for handles subject to high-impact forces (i.e. axe handles).

Hardness rating:
Average Hardness Rating – Dry: Very Hard

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