Which Recycled Brick Colour Is Best?

Used Bricks Sydney

It’s crazy to see recycled bricks are available in such an assortment of colours! When making the decision on what you want to achieve regarding your project, the used bricks and recycled bricks colours are one of the most important decisions one will make.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing your second hand bricks for your building project.

Browns. Is a classic recycled bricks colour also known a grey browns throughout the Sydney recycled brick industry. The colour does not date and is a great choice for a period look home. These recycled bricks found in Sydney are also commonly used in cafes and the hospitality industries.

Reds. These second hand bricks give off a warmth when used in the right way. They are common in Victoria, though the recycled red bricks¬†you’ll find in Sydney differ somewhat. People often find the red colours and tones comforting and are great for house frontages and welcoming areas to your home.

Neutrals/Light Beiges. These bricks are great when other elements are used to complement these recycled and used bricks. This can be greenery like gardens and recycled timbers. They are essentially your blank canvas or brick wall if you will, adding different textures and themes to achieve your desired look.

Recycled bricks add depth and character to any project. Before you go ahead and purchase bricks make sure you give The Builders Market a consideration, you will not be disappointed!

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